Welcome to Hempbuti! Your complete holistic wellness partner for Life. 'Free Shipping' on all our products Pan-India. All our products are natural and made from the goodness of Hemp! Welcome to Hempbuti! Your complete holistic wellness partner for Life. 'Free Shipping' on all our products Pan-India. All our products are natural and made from the goodness of Hemp! Welcome to Hempbuti! Your complete holistic wellness partner for Life. 'Free Shipping' on all our products Pan-India. All our products are natural and made from the goodness of Hemp!

Our Story

Hempbuti is dedicated to provide hemp based products of the highest quality to consumers in India.

We manufacture products under five different verticals across 2 brands. Our product ranges from food nutrition, pet care, personal & skin care, nutraceuticals and medicinal cannabis.

Our mission is simple and straight forward: to serve our society with the best quality products made from complete plant derived ingredients. Our journey started with 4 principles of transparency, education, quality and functionality.

A Message from Our Founders

I am a hemp enthusiast and passionate about every aspect of the hemp life. I am Pallavi Chouksey, co-founder, and I am here with a purpose.

I hope to make a massive positive difference in people's life so that can effectively and efficiently heal their physical and emotional selves. Health and happiness are basic human rights any individual should have easy access to at all times and I am here to play my part!

When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, she found solace in medical cannabis.. While we could not save my sister, the use of hemp based medicines helped her find reprieve from the chronic pain she had to otherwise endure. I found my purpose in this despair. Thereafter, I have attempted to aid friends, family and members of the community to improve their well-being using hemp based medicines. Hemp is your answer to a plethora of diseases and problems, more importantly your well-being

At Hempbuti, we aim to provide products that have undergone thorough research and transparency at all stages. They are all organic produce which are delivered straight from the mountains. Our products are backed by old and new research which holistically suggested the pros of treating human ailments with medical cannabis.

Let plant for life be a part of life!

Pallavi Chouksey

Hemp first entered my life in Switzerland, initially embraced for its recreational joys. My understanding of this remarkable plant was anchored in its ability to provide happiness and euphoria. This journey took an enlightening turn when I delved into literature, unveiling the medicinal facets and its historical significance. Its roots in ancient practices like Ayurveda fascinated me, sparking a deeper exploration.

A pivotal moment came with the documentary "Running From The Cure" by Rick Simpson, igniting a calling to harness the power of hemp for healing. As a culinary artist and chef, the desire to integrate hemp into the culinary world simmered within me. The pandemic-induced pause in my chef career provided the opportune moment to fully immerse myself in this passion.

Serendipity led me to Pallavi, a kindred spirit sharing the same fascination with hemp. Together, we embarked on the journey to create 'Hempbuti.' My personal exploration has unearthed the myriad virtues of hemp—regenerative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory—underscoring its versatile applications. 'Hempbuti' is the culmination of this mission, where hemp stands as the central ingredient in all our products. It offers an effective, sustainable antidote to the diverse manifestations of urban stress.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce 'Hempbuti,' a testament to the transformative potential of hemp, weaving its essence into the fabric of well-being.

Rahul Gandhi


Gold Standard Hemp

Our customers trust us for relief from recurring problems, driving our passion for hemp products evident in rigorous development. We never cut corners, ensuring excellence from manufacturing to customer service. Committed to providing the best, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business.

We commit to our loyal customers through the use of pure, potent ingredients, proprietary blends, and third-party testing. Our dedication is evident in industry-leading transparency and constant strides in product innovation, always staying one step ahead to ensure quality and trust in our offerings.

We believe in hemp's world-changing potential. Join the Hempbuti family today, and together, let's make a difference in the world.


We take pride in offering clear transparency throughout our manufacturing process, ensuring you have a precise understanding of what to expect from our hemp products

Consumer Education:

We recognize the power of knowledge. That's why we ensure our customers are well-informed through weekly blog posts and monthly newsletters, keeping you covered.

Quality Products:

Unmatched product quality. Employing only the purest ingredients and processes for effectiveness. Better Process. Better Product.


Our hemp products blend seamlessly into your routine, undergoing rigorous development to ensure functionality. Elevate well-being with us.

Why Hempbuti?

We are dedicated to enhancing the daily lives of our diverse customer base. From athletes striving to reach new heights, to professionals seeking physical comfort after a demanding day, and grandparents yearning for relief from bodily discomfort. Our products also cater to housewives desiring an extra touch of pampering during spa sessions and patients grappling with stubborn skin ailments. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the means to unleash their optimal selves.

Hempbuti manufactures hemp based products to enhance everyday wellness. After all, health is wealth.

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